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Chapters: Interactive Stories

Tải Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK v6.30 (Diamantes infinitos)

Diamantes infinitos

Crazy Maple Studio Dev · Mô phỏng

MODDED by Jabbr

Tải Hack Chapters: Interactive Stories Mod (Diamantes infinitos) cho Android - 113 MB (✓ Miễn Phí) - Bản mới nhất - Phát hành bởi: Crazy Maple Studio Dev - Package Name: com.mars.avgchapters - Jabbr.Pro
NameChapters: Interactive Stories
DevelopersCrazy Maple Studio Dev
Size113 MB
MOD FeaturesDiamantes infinitos
Updated onJanuary 31, 2022
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Chapters: Interactive StoriesChapters: Interactive StoriesChapters: Interactive StoriesChapters: Interactive Stories

Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK là phiên bản sửa đổi của bản gốc Chapters: Interactive Stories, bản gốc này được phát hành bởi Crazy Maple Studio Dev và MODDED bởi Jabbr.Pro. Bạn có thể sử dụng phiên bản MOD của Chapters: Interactive Stories với các tính năng vô hạn tiền để có trải nghiệm tốt hơn phiên bản gốc. APK MOD File của chúng tôi đều an toàn và có tốc độ tải nhanh nhất hiện nay.

Nếu bạn thích phiên bản Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD này, đừng quên chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình. Bản này đã được nhiều người sử dụng được đánh giá 4/5 sao. Hãy nhớ, Jabbr.Net là trang web cung cấp các bản mod game, apps premium miễn phí dành cho bạn! Dưới đây là chi tiết các tính năng của Chapters: Interactive Stories APK MOD.

Tính năng của Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK

Tải game Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK về máy, bạn sẽ trải nghiệm các tính năng MOD như vô hạn tiền, vô hạn kim cương, Mở khóa Level, Mở khóa skins, ...


  • Tiền vô hạn.
  • Kim cương vô hạn.
  • Gems vô hạn.
  • Mở khóa tất cả nhân vật.
  • High Dame.
  • Onehit.
  • Bất tử.

Giới thiệu về Chapters: Interactive Stories APK Mod (Diamantes infinitos)

Meet o Chapters: Interactive Stories and make the best choices for character who live beautiful and fun stories

Nobody can resist a beautiful story, full of twists and unpredictable endings, whether good or not. That’s why the novel and film industries are always so fashionable around the world.

No matter what your favorite genre, we can bet there is always a movie, series or book that brings that unforgettable story to you. By the way, here comes a curious idea that leads us to this article.

Imagine your favorite story, your most beloved character. Now, think about whether, during the history in which he lived, the choices he made were different. You know, when you thought, in a scene in a movie, you run away, but your protagonist decided to fight the villain?

What if you could literally choose what the protagonist would do at all the key moments in an amazing story?Fantastic, isn’t it?That’s why today we bring you Chapters: Interactive Stories – your new mobile storytelling game.

Time for you to meet and fall in love with this application that will surely be your companion for many unforgettable moments of entertainment.

What is the proposal of Chapters: Interactive Stories?

This is a complete and very well-planned narrative game. You choose the story genre you like best and the game puts you in an incredible immersion, in story form, in which all key protagonist decisions are made by you.

In this way, the story is not only much more interesting and interactive than a movie or soap opera, it also allows the ending to be always unique. After all, you can literally choose the attitudes and what will be done next by the protagonist according to your own values, tastes and morals.

So, even if you are living – in this case, playing – the same story as a friend, or even if you have already played – you will probably experience a unique ending and never-before-seen reruns. Seems pretty good?Well actually it is. But, let’s know a little more about what makes this game our favorite when it comes to living fantastic and unusual narratives.

Why is Chapters: Interactive Stories so good?

For starters, it’s good because it’s been carefully crafted, in every detail, so that the user’s immersion is as magical as possible. This means that the graphics and drawings are colorful, faithful to the story and always very attractive, no matter what genre you choose.

The plots – the game’s flagship – are varied, not only in the genres, but in the wealth of details and possibilities offered. The player’s freedom in making every decision makes the stories seem, in fact, an open world.

In other words, it goes far beyond a few hours of interaction and fun, but a continuity that is regularly updated, with new possibilities, stories and outcomes. It’s one of those apps that can’t be missing from anyone who has a cell phone with the Android operating system.

Some of the main-stories of the game:

  • My Boss Billionaire → imagine a man sexy, powerful, billionaire and used to having everything and everyone he wants, without limits. However, this time, the heartthrob seems to be interested in you. So, are you going to take it easy, or are you just going to play hardball and show that there are things that even money can’t buy?
  • The Prince and the Cover → Dealing with the day-to-day difficulties of work, home and child is already a big enough challenge for any single mother. Now, imagine when this comes with the threat of losing your job. Even worse is when the person your destiny depends on is your all-powerful boss, who wants to condition your future in the company on a relationship with him. How to handle it?You decide on Chapters: Interactive Stories.
  • Risk Love → you work for a renowned supernatural creature hunting agency. Your mission, this time, is to capture Lucian Gravave, the most powerful and famous vampire in New York. But beware: catching it, in addition to being extremely dangerous, can be complicated by the creature’s charm. Try to trap him without falling for the charms of this otherworldly tycoon.

You will still find an optimized environment, with a good soundtrack, careful development of each character and scenario and surprising stories. It is surely the most immersive app of its kind. And the best part: it’s free and doesn’t demand much for you to run it and enjoy the best of the game.

Other information from Chapters: Interactive Stories

The application requires an Android phone in versions from 4. 4. The size of the app is just under 100 Mb and can be downloaded through our links that will direct you to the official Google store.

As we couldn’t expect otherwise, the app boasts a good rating from users, with 4 out of 5 points and over ten million downloads and another 250,000 reviews. Although free, you can make purchases to further enrich your adventure within the app’s stories.

Download  Chapters: Interactive Stories APK Mod and have fun with fantastic stories

So what are you waiting for?Make the Chapters: Interactive Stories APK Mod free download and make the best decisions for the most surprising outcomes in this cute, exciting and fun story app.

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Làm thế nào để cài đặt Chapters: Interactive Stories APK v6.30 (MOD Diamantes infinitos)?

  • Bước 1: Tải xuống file Chapters: Interactive Stories_MOD_v6.30.apk.
  • Bước 2: Trên thiết bị Android, vào quản lý tệp tin, nơi lưu trữ file download Chapters: Interactive Stories_MOD_v6.30.apk.
  • Bước 3: Bấm Cài đặt.
  • Bước 4: Mở Chapters: Interactive Stories Hack Mod APK (Diamantes infinitos) và trải nghiệm.

Sau khi cài đặt xong, bạn có thể mở ứng dụng và trải nghiệm như bình thường.

Lưu ý: Trước khi cài đặt Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK, bạn cần gỡ cài đặt phiên bản gốc hoặc phiên bản MOD khác.

Trên đây là những đánh giá và hướng dẫn cài đặt Hack Chapters: Interactive Stories Mod (Diamantes infinitos). Nếu thấy hữu ích hãy chia sẻ cho bạn bè để họ cùng biết nhé. Jabbr.Pro là trang web an toàn để tải xuống game Mod và App Premium cho Android. Bạn có thể tải xuống tệp APK Mod hoàn toàn miễn phí. Và Chapters: Interactive Stories Apk Mod là một trong số đó, thuộc danh mục và được phát triển bởi Crazy Maple Studio Dev. Tải Chapters: Interactive Stories Mod Apk về máy của bạn và trải nghiệm ngay bây giờ!

Download Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK for Android

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