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Minecraft MOD APK (Immortality,Skin Unlocked,Unlocked)

Immortality,Skin Unlocked,Unlocked

Mojang · Arcade

MODDED by Jabbr

Download Minecraft APK + MOD (Immortality,Skin Unlocked,Unlocked) For Android - 197.01MB (✓ Free) - Latest Version - Developer: Mojang - Package Name: com.mojang.minecraftpe - Jabbr.Pro
Requirement5.0 and up
MOD FeaturesImmortality,Skin Unlocked,Unlocked
Updated onJuly 5, 2022
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Minecraft MOD APK is a modified version of the original Minecraft, this original released by Mojang and MODDED by Jabbr.Pro. You can use the MOD version of Minecraft with Immortality,Skin Unlocked,Unlocked features for a better experience than the original version. Our APK MOD files are all safe and have the fastest download speeds available today.

If you like this Minecraft MOD version, don't forget to share it with your friends. This version has been rated 4/5 stars by many users. Remember, Jabbr.Pro is a website that provides free premium apps and game mods for you! Here are detailed features of Minecraft APK MOD.

Features of Minecraft MOD APK

Download Minecraft MOD APK to your device, you will experience MOD features such as Unlimited Money, Unlimited Diamonds, Unlock Levels, Unlock Skins,...


  • Unlimited Money.
  • Unlimited Gems.
  • Unlimited Diamonds.
  • Unlocked Characters.
  • High Dame.
  • Onehit.
  • God Mode.

Introduct about Minecraft

Download Minecraft – latest version – free for Android. Try playing this phenomenon as a God, where literally everything is at your fingertips however you want

Minecraft for Android: have fun in the biggest open world for mobile

You’ve certainly heard about this electronic gaming phenomenon called Minecraft, but perhaps you’ve never ventured there yet. Without a doubt, once you know his details in our article of the day, that will change.

With more than 200 million units sold around the world and a turnover that is close to 1 billion reais, the title is one of those darlings in the market. The most amazing thing about all this is that, in a time when high resolution graphics are almost mandatory to say if a game is good or not – see titles like FIFA Football and others, the free Minecraft developers for Android went against the grain. And they hit the nail on the head.

The bet is totally focused on gameplay, over every other aspect. The myriad of possibilities and ways to have fun, which can either be through the modes that the title itself offers, or in any other way you define, set a little tone for what you’ll find there.

Let’s put the pixels together to better understand this fun classic.

Presentation of MCPE for Android

The game is based on blocks. That’s right. An extremely large world built entirely from several blocks that can (almost entirely) be mined and turned into inputs that, in turn, can also be turned into items, weapons, houses and/or anything else you want.

In short, this is a title where creativity is the watchword. You can, among millions of other things, cut down trees, turn them into treated pieces of wood that can become a table for your workshop. Ultimately, you decide what you’re going to do and, of course, how you’re going to do it.

In addition, the community, as it could not be different, has about 100 million players who can participate and change their lives in the world. The developers are still famous for offering a store where the funniest video game skins , which even include characters from other games and celebrities. A spectacle in its own right.

And, to enjoy it all, the franchise offers two game modes, which we’ll see next.

Minecraft Play Modes Free Full Mobile Download

Although the game has a mode called basic mode, we don’t really consider it one of the title’s proposals. In fact, it works as a kind of tutorial for you to take your first steps into the world and, of course, understand a little of the mechanics to get even more fun.

It’s important for newcomers and we recommend you start there. However, after a few hours around, you will no longer see it as one of the ways to play. Now, both modes.

Creative Mode

Everything inside Minecraft comes down to building and living the world around you. However, resources are needed to accomplish this and they are hidden in the most unexpected places on the map, which makes the journey far from easy.

But, the creative mode is there for people who don’t want to go out exploring or fighting for the most diverse inputs. In it, you have unlimited everything to spend your time building and actually playing God, as the limit of your world will be your own imagination.

It’s the perfect mode for people who enjoy a more imaginative feel, common in some other titles like SimCity and the like. But with a world of infinitely larger possibilities, which gave the success that this game did and does.

Now, if you want more adrenaline, we have another way.

Survival Mode

This is where the animal catches and anyone who has downloaded Minecraft and got into it knows very well what we are talking about.

Imagine the community we speak of vying for resources, creating weapons, forming gangs, building fortresses, trading items, and so on. That’s what happens in this mode. You will live in a world that does not belong to anyone, I mean, you can try to dominate and guarantee your space, but you can bet that many people will have an eye on what you call your own.

And, given the game’s endless possibilities, each gaming session is always a surprise filled with many challenges. Without a doubt, a mix of warfare, construction, and open-map exploration unmatched today.

And, if you’re still not convinced of the magnitude of free MCPE for Android or Minecraft, for intimates, check out some of the trivia of the title, which are several.

Minecraft Trivia for Android

There are many curiosities that leave the title full of mystery. Or, indeed, we should say that they dispel some myths that many users carry as truth. See if you already knew what we are going to bring here.

The map is large but not infinite

Many people think Minecraft is an infinite map, it’s so big. But actually there is an end to it. It is about the mysterious and dark Far Lands. Have you been there? One thing we can guarantee: there are still undisclosed or undiscovered secrets in this area.

Some things seem to make sense only in cartoons

If you have a cartoon-style idea, like if a bomb went off, you’d just get your hand and arm burned, immediately recovering from the damage, it’s probably real in Minecraft.

No, not the bomb. But, for example, if you want to breathe underwater, just make a fence and the mission will be accomplished. Strange, curious and mysterious, some of the flags that guide this game .

Various Easter Eggs

The game is also famous for having lots of little treats for its players to enjoy while exploring this (almost) infinite world. An example of this is that, on December 25th of every year, the in-game chests get a Christmas decoration, as if they were gifts.

Another one that we’re not sure if it’s a kind of Easter Egg or just a bug is the splash screen that has the game’s name spelled wrongly – Minceraft . According to surveys, the chances of this happening are small, around 1%. And to make matters worse, it’s very likely that your brain doesn’t even realize the error.

The End of the World or Nether

Another grace of the game is that the map is divided into several worlds, creating a kind of complex universe in which each corner has its own peculiarities. The Nether, also called the End of the World, is quite private and frightening.

If you sleep there, it explodes. That simple.


The powerful evil boss is based on the famous legend of Slenderman . It was created through a meme on an internet forum, by Erick Knudsen. The slender man, as he is called in Portuguese, is described as a thin, super tall man with an expressionless white head and wearing a black suit. Narratives in which the character appears almost always have him as a kidnapper of people, especially children.

Unlimited piracy

Another funny fact is the position of Notch – the game’s original developer – regarding piracy. Some time ago, a fan tweeted that he would like to play Minecraft, but that he didn’t have the money to buy it.

Notch then told the same social network that he should pirate the game until he had the money to buy the original, if he still liked the title when that day came. Finally, the developer further amended that the user should not forget to feel bad for doing this.

the rarest mob

The living entities in the game are called mob . They can be almost anything, such as dogs, wolves, squids, pigs and more, which spread to all corners of the map and, in some cases, can even be created by players.

However, there is one mob that is the rarest in the world of Minecraft, with only a 0.2% chance of appearing: the Spider Jockey. Another curiosity in this regard is that, in the past, there was a mob that was human, but it has already been removed.

More Minecraft Crazy

We’ve already said that inputs are essential for you to develop in the game, and also that logic and sense aren’t exactly Minecraft’s strengths for Android. Another madness is that gold ore, incredibly, cannot be collected with a gold pickaxe.

Wolves are inspired by the Arctic

One of the most common and secretive creatures in the game is the wolf. And, for those who hadn’t noticed, they are inspired by a real subspecies: the Arctic wolf. What did you think, alike?

Motives and follies abound for you to join this fun insanity. And, in order not to get totally lost on this journey, we have separated some simple and very useful tips that will make your life less complicated in this square universe.

Tips for playing MCPE for Android

Honestly, it’s well worth trying the game without looking for the nastiest ways to win. Discovery and exploration are important parts of the entertainment in Minecraft’s proposal. However, since the game has many players from all over the world, perhaps another tip makes sense at first. And here they are.

Plant trees

Wood has always been an important resource in our lives and it is no different in MCPE. However, when you are going to plant a tree, there is a valuable tip: instead of making a hole of just one block, make it with two.

This way your tree will be much larger than it would be and you will have significantly more wood. The delay from planted shoot to tree is one day.

don’t go for the obvious

I think we’ve already proved our point that the game doesn’t have very reliable logic. In this way, you have to think your steps well. For example, one of the most abundant materials in the Minecraft universe is wood, which makes many beginners build shelters out of it.

However, fire is not uncommon within the game – even the zombie that burns in the day sun catches fire – and it could easily destroy your stronghold. And if that happens, everything you’ve stored inside goes into space, or rather, you lose.

food first

In a world full of threats, one of the things that kills the most in Minecraft is hunger. Ironic, isn’t it? So make sure you always keep your inventory full of food items so you don’t end up in a situation where you can’t eat and, when you realize, you’re about to starve to death.

beware of fights

Many newbies already dive into survival mode and think that because they managed to kill any Creeper, no one can hold them back. And the reality is far from that, as there are many feared creatures that can easily exterminate you, especially when you don’t have decent weapons and armor yet.

In other words, gather resources and prepare yourself before getting into trouble and exploring the most remote and dangerous corners of the world of Minecraft for Android.

In this way, especially at the first levels, avoid confrontations at all costs. Any one of them could be your last.

So, ready to download Minecraft for Android? We are sure so.

Download Minecraft PE free for Android and have fun with one of the most awesome games of all time

The link is following with all the quality and security that you always find at TechGara. And, after this complete guide that introduced the game, showed the curiosities and even gave you the touches for you to hold on to the most crucial moment of the adventure – the beginning – it’s time to show that your creativity is the most fertile in the world and if delight with this magical universe of Minecraft.

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How to install Minecraft APK (MOD Immortality,Skin Unlocked,Unlocked)?

  1. Download the file Minecraft_MOD_1.18.30.20.apk.
  2. On your Android phone, open the downloaded file Minecraft_MOD_1.18.30.20.apk.
  3. Tap Install.
  4. Follow the steps on the screen.

After the installation is complete, you can open the application and experience as usual.

Note: Before installing Minecraft APK Mod, you need to uninstall the original version or another MOD version.


Above are the reviews and instructions for installing Minecraft Mod Apk. If you find it useful, please share it with your friends to let them know. Jabbr.Pro is a safe source for downloading games and apps for Android. You can download the APK file completely for free. And Minecraft Apk is one of them. It belongs to the category of and has been developed by Mojang. Download Minecraft Mod Apk to your device and experience it now!

Download Minecraft MOD APK for Android

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